Be part of the story

One of us had a dream he was a lifeguard. He was doing his best but people were drowning all around him. We bet it’s your nightmare too: social workers, health workers, teachers, anyone.

We’re front line staff who wanted to make a difference. We help the drowning but those slipping into difficulty too often have to be side-lined.

We just don’t have time. It might be the job we want to do but it’s not the one we get paid for. We know they will get picked up at some point – when things get worse or maybe on some other services’ radar.

It’s tempting to blame ‘the system’. But we are the system- we can change and it can change! It starts with us.

Getting involved is easy. Start a debate, join a group, tap into a knowledge ‘café’ or event, or just get our news.

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